Ontario Gothic

by Foxes in Fiction

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Nathan Monju
Nathan Monju thumbnail
Nathan Monju I started listening to this album a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped. Beautiful, cohesive, and endearing. My favorite song constantly changes. Thank you. Favorite track: Shadow's Song.
R_j thumbnail
R_j Such a special record. Thank you.
ben schroder
ben schroder thumbnail
ben schroder such a cohesive, dreamy album. i can't listen to just one song - i just end up getting sucked in and listening to the entire album again. Favorite track: Shadow's Song.
Abel thumbnail
Abel I had the pleasure of meeting Warren and Co. in Dallas. Seeing him preform live is stuck in my head like a cute girl, or a really tasty breakfast. Favorite track: Glow (v079).
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
Jeremy / HI54LOFI thumbnail
Jeremy / HI54LOFI This is one of those albums where you kinda need to listen from start to finish, otherwise you're just not listening to it right. Favorite track: Ontario Gothic.
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Recorded between 2011 and 2014 in New York, Toronto, London and Portland.

Written, mixed and recorded by Warren Hildebrand.
Mastered by Andrew Sardinha.

Owen Pallett plays violin on tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5.
Ansel Cohen plays cello on tracks 4 & 6.
Beau Sorensen plays piano on track 1.
Rachel Levy sings on track 7.
Caroline White sings on track 7.
Sam Ray sings on track 7.

Download includes five video loops created to accompany the original album stream.

"Glow (v079)" features a sample from the song "v079" by Wonder Bear.

Dedicated to Caitlin Amanda Morris 1988 - 2010.


released September 23, 2014


all rights reserved



ORCHID TAPES New York, New York

A record label of family and friends since 2010.

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Track Name: March 2011
Seen through the glass, take the day to rest
Reinvent the past, feel it in my chest
Tide begins to split, watch the coast decay
Lost my voice getting lit, lost the words to say

Safe beneath the shade, heal this part of me
Counting forwards now, to who we want to be
See you once a year, snow begins to melt
Describing the fear, remember how it felt?
Track Name: Into The Fields
Ripped from the ground
Car arrives at location remote
Put on your coat
You'll never know
I'll cross the fields and part the crops
Bend all the stalks

We're waiting on encoded signs, hidden won't harm
They won't disarm

Been here before
Cold winter stasis will not thaw
It broke my jaw
And from the fields
You feel the pattern laid below
How far it goes

You'll wait and see, when seasons change we'll leave our coats
We'll clear our throats
Track Name: Glow (v079)
What if I become
What I left behind
Still I glow
Track Name: Shadow's Song
Feel it go wrong, goodbye, so long
Shine a light, I want to explain
Open me up to this pain
My shadow was drown in a sea underground
No strength to fight back the waves
A crashing tide's warm embrace

My hand to my chest, drift off from the rest
Echoes out inside of these walls
Remembering our phone calls
Your shadow in time, by chance or design
Fall into the fear you avoid
A place you thought you'd destroyed
Track Name: Ontario Gothic
I was trapped under concrete
Built from the memory
Of all the daydreams
That I buried underneath

Now find me a way to divide
All of the noise on the other side
We'll change where we live in the fall
Soon it will feel like nothing is wrong

And I could see who I should be
Through a past that casts it shadow down over me
In empty fields on summer nights
I feel the flashing lights

Teeth clenched in moonlight
A limitation, want to ignite
Reset my biology
The imitation, the apology

And I felt just like a child
I'm taking it all from the other side
Driving with you in your car
The home that I know seems so far

Spring, fall I've lost it all (the morning fog)
Your empty street where we would meet
These parking lots bless us with peace
Your light has strayed, there's no release
Track Name: Altars
Plastic roses line empty altars
See the faces, I'm feeling altered
Confronting the fear that lives on your breath
In dreams he's still here
Message left in the basement

I walk down these endless hallways
Drugs and weekends can't change my days
Leaving the lines you've drawn on your own
All sorts of crimes
Meet me in, in the basement

Step outside my house
It's happening most every day
I held to nothing
I have nothing left to say

Plastic roses line empty altars
See the faces, I'm feeling altered
Confronting the fear that lives in your chest
In dreams he's still here
Message left in the basement

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